The Scented Llama of Doom Best not to ask really...


I find it interesting to note that the majority of my favourite bloggers didn’t bother with an introductory post but preferred to jump straight in with a favourite topic. No fanfare or mission statement - they just started. The exceptions had short introductory messages that basically stated an intent to blog and then got on with it. I’m breaking both of these conventions, possibly dooming myself to irrelevance in the process, because I have a deep seated need to paste a disclaimer over all that might happen here.

The most likely scenario is that this blog will accrue approximately three posts and then be abandoned never to be heard from again. At least, that’s been the trend.

The lingering doubt is that I don’t have anything of value to blog about. I discount my personal theories or feelings and after discounting them I’m left with nothing to write about. What I do end up writing about - the sterilised remnant of my experience - ends up mostly failing to meet a minimum standard of quality and gets summarily trashed.

This is mostly symptomatic of a faulty world view and an over-sensitivity to criticism. I’m so concerned that the crap I produce must be objectively valid that I forget that it might be subjectively valid and that the subjective value is valuable even if only to myself. So I realised that blogging is an opportunity to confront - within myself - this barrier. I suppose you can call it an insidiously developed inferiority complex.

So, as with all deep and meaningful questions of life, we must consider the Llama. The panache. The verve. The odd pungency. The ability to complete a tax form on time. It cannot be doubted that, like Ducks, llamas know what’s going on. It’s clear that llamas are savvy philosophers, savage critics of social norms and capable commentators on popular culture. We can ask no more of them because, if we do, they get irate and a little snappy. Back away at this point because llamas are almost always proficient in several styles of Kung Fu.

So the mission statement of this blog: Bring the Way of the Llama back to the world. And get over inferiority complexes. And maybe, even, break the record of 2.5 posts per decade.

And for those of you who are wondering: Lavender with a hint of Mint.