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R.I.P. Dave Brubeck (1920 - 2012)

My first exposure to Dave Brubeck was one of my Dad’s old records - a compilation of Brubeck’s greatest hits. It was a great introduction to jazz - smooth melodies that were instantly accessible. I especially loved his playfulness when it came to time signatures - he could make a 7/8 sound completely natural (and everyone will immediately recognise the 5/4 from Take Five arguably the best known jazz song on the planet).

He was always experimenting - he composed jazz, orchestral works, choral works and sound tracks. A devout Catholic many of his later works were choral arrangements of biblical themes.

I’ll never forget listening to that record and his music will live on as a gift to humanity to pass on to later generations.

Today would have been his 92nd birthday. Take Five, sir - you’ve earned it.